2014 Inner City Mission to Philly (with CSM)

Howdy all,

So this is a little late, but here is the formal (at least on our page) about the upcoming 2014 Inner City Mission Team to Philly. We’ll be partnering this year with a group called CSM (center for student missions). We’re very excited about God expanding our dreams and vision for our church stepping out of our comfort zone and “being Jesus with skin on” to those who are often and easily overlooked. Anyway, we’re excited to have two members from last year’s DC Team returning (Jay & Brandon). As such, we’re only able to take a limited number of students on this team, so take a look at the application form, fill it out, and turn it in by Jan 31st! Here’s a link to CSM’s site on Philly. Come join us.


2014 Student Missions Application

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