A Significant Mile Marker

I am told fairly constantly that the DC metro area’s traffic is among the nation’s worst. In fact, a 30 minute lee way to going some where in northern VA used to be OK only 10 years back. (Now it’s more like 45 minutes) To add to the frustration and confusion, a few years back the good folks who run the state of VA decided to renumber all of the existing exit numbers on 495 to simply reflect the mile markers. It’s not a big deal now, but at first it required people to readjust their driving habits a bit.

I open with that analogy as I reflect upon the close of my 3rd year at Risen Sun Pres Church. I started in April 2011. That’s a big deal to me because up until this point, I had not found a church family, home, or environment which was healthy enough to sustain myself or my family for longer than 2.5 years! Assuredly, some (if not many) of the blame must be placed on my shoulders. And the 3 years at Risen Sun hasn’t been easy, for sure. And yet here we are. Following closely to wherever the Lord leads. Sometimes the Lord leads us through deserts, and sometimes through ice cream shops! But one thing that always must remain constant is that Jesus is at the front and we following in the back. It’s never easy or comfortable. The first church, where I was determined to serve until I died, was left because of issues within the church leadership. That was heart breaking and I asked God, “Why?!” However, at the second church is where I met my beautiful and loving wife.

And so as I approach April 2014, I place a mile marker, of sorts, for myself. This is indeed a big deal. God has brought me safe thus far. And though the road was tough, He has brought me safe thus far. God took a bunch of whining, frustration causing, holy fire inviting, Judgment Day quickening, unthankful bunch of people (two generations) through the wilderness in spite of their stubborness and all of the above superlatives to His end goal of the promised land. I’d imagine that sometimes He feels the same way about me as He did about them Israelites. And yet as He did not give up on them, so I know that He will not give up on me. He has brought me safe thus far.

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