added notes for “Let us pray 2″ on James 5:16-18

This was originally intended as part of my notes for the message delivered on Aug 11th. However, there is a LOT of material and it is important for us to know, so I took it out and am posting it here:

James does clearly uses the word “elders” in verse 15. Biblically speaking elders are both representatives and leaders of the church family (Acts 11:30; 20:28; 21:18; 1 Peter 5:1-4). Sadly, today’s church only expects the pastor (who is a teaching elder) to pray when someone’s sick. James, here, clearly states that when we get sick we ask the elders to pray for us – not because sickness is always connected with sin – but many times it is. And we ask the elders to pray not because God will always heal – but because as spiritual fathers – they are commanded to love, serve, and intercede for the church family when the church cannot. That is biblical eldership.

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