Brandon Lee’s post Philly Testimony


This year I was blessed to go with 7 friends to CSM (Center for Student Missions) at Philadelphia to meet many great people. I had seen what God had done in the city and what he will do for the people of Philadelphia. This might sound cliché but my only regret is not being able to do more and meet more people.


One way I have seen God working in the city is a thrift shop called Whosoever. At Whosoever they find homeless people that want to turn their life around and so they give them meals, work so they can get used to a schedule and free counselling. While I was working I saw how happy the workers are and how gracious they were for the shop. At Whosoever I was conversing with a man named Joseph and i could tell that he was actually trying. I just wished that i could talk with him more and actually get to know him.


A way God worked through me was at a summer camp called lighthouse. After our first task of the day my group would go to lighthouse every day from Monday to Thursday. The first day was very rough. I tried to get the kids to like me and they didn’t really open up, i feel like i was not needed and it was very hot. But the grace of God showed me to give them a second chance like he has to me every time I screw up. On the second day and after I really tried to get to know the kids. Nana was one of the smart kids of the group, she always tells me how I was playing goldfish wrong when I let the other kids take all my cards.(hahaha) Gina was very feisty and always wanted to play basketball then got pouty when I would make more shots than her. And there was Angel that was obsessed with the game speed but he eventually beat me. I know it was God working through me because it was definitely not my bright and sunny personality that make these kids love me.  I now think that i could have done a bit more but i will always remember the kids at lighthouse.


This is my second year doing missions and as time progressed I have learned to love missions and what it does and I know i will just love it more as time progresses. Whether missions is my real calling or not, I will always love what missions do. As writing my testimony for the Philadelphia missions trip means it is really over I will never forget what what i have done here and what it has done for me.

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