Cristin Choi’s Testimony

xmas IMG_4104-copyTomorrow (11/24/13), Cristin is getting confirmed… or publicly declaring her faith in Christ and joining our church as a member. Here is her testimony:

“I was born into a Christian family, I went to church on Sundays and knew that Jesus died on the cross for us and how we should do everything for the glory of God and I had a jumble of head knowledge. But I knew only about Him and I never knew Him. This summer, I went to a retreat and I wasn’t expecting anything much…signing up for retreats was simply what I was used to doing. But during the retreat God revealed Himself to me. It’s solely because of God’s grace that I was saved and it is by His grace that I grow and mature in Christ. I could not have loved God if He had not worked in my heart to change me. God’s working in me every day cause the walk with God is a long, slow walk and I’ve just barely begun my journey with Christ.”

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