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David Canlas Testimony

canlas, davidI was born into a Christian family with both my mother and father being Southern Baptist. I was very passionate in my faith when I was younger, but I started to fall. I started thinking that church was mundane, God wasn’t really helpful, and that the Bible was just a boring book. Through the grace of God everything just started to click with me, and I started to understand how much God means to me and how much I mean to him. A year later, Nathan Cho invited me to Risen Sun’s youth retreat and I agreed to go. This introduced me to Risen Sun and encouraged me to come out to their Bible studies and sometimes even church services. Without God telling Nathan to ask me to come to that one retreat, I don’t know where I would be right now spiritually. Recently, I decided to leave my home church of Fil-Am Community Church to go to Risen Sun Presbyterian Church. This move was hard for me to do because I grew up in that church and my parents still go there, but this is a decision that I have prayed about for two years. I really feel that God called me to this church so I can grow and mature spiritually.

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