Elliott Youn – Post Philly Trip Testimony


It’s more than a week since I came back from Philadelphia. The trip last for about five days, from July 20th to July 25th. Even though the trip is over, there are still so many things to consider and look back on. There were so many things I got to see and learn during that short period of time.

Our week in Philadelphia heavily consisted of our small group of eight doing volunteer work for the homeless and less fortunate. To me personally, it did not feel like a mission trip. Although helping and feeding many people, I saw and felt a lack of the gospel throughout the entire trip. However, the presence of God was not absent in our trip. Each day, he was able to show me the things I needed to work on in my own life and walk with God.

During our trip, we went to a few different organizations to volunteer and assist the programs. There was, however, one place we returned to every day. In short, it was called Lighthouse. Lighthouse was a summer program for kids ranging from toddlers to highschoolers. When we first arrived at Lighthouse, it was complete chaos. There was no form of organization and the kids were unruly. Nearly everyone in our group was frustrated with what we had to go through and none of us were looking forward to returning the next day. To our surprise, when we went back, things were different. We went back with a new perspective of grace and acceptance. Many of the kids that attended this program came from rough neighborhoods. Though this experience, God taught me the value of patience, grace, and understanding. It was as if God was showing me what I needed to work on when I got back from my trip.

Amongst everything that happened throughout the trip, the most precious moments for me was with our small group. Going into the trip, I was nervous and afraid of how I would react towards each and every one of them. Spending extended periods of time with other can cause friction and irritation. It was shocking when I realized that our relationship with one another grew exponentially. We shared and expressed things with one another in confidence and trust. It was amazing and so refreshing for me. In the end, I saw that I loved each and every one in that group so dearly.

Even though our inner-city mission trip was not really a “missions” trip, it was still a great experience for me. Through our shared struggles and hardships, our group emerged close than ever with each other. The trip also showed me that God is real. That God works in broken and dark places. His love for his people knows no bounds. We just have to keep and open eye to see all the works of God and his glory.

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