Friday Night: Duckface vs Fajita vs Dream Team

Last friday we took a break from our regular seminar “The voice of God” and had an activity night. Team Duckface vs Team Fajita vs Dream Team

In the end, Team Fajita trimuphed against all odds and takes the win!











(photo missing Harvard and Joseph)

For those of you who were there (or heard the stories), you may giggle at the following quotes:

  • Johnny – We’re going to make three groups of five
  • Its raining cats and dogs
  • Cowboys and… Indians?
  • Potters wheel clay, wheel pot clay, clay potter…
  • Haneul, Jay, Nathan, and Joann are the last ninjas left. Joann gets out, Haneul slaps Jay in the face. Jay gets Haneul out. Nathan gets Jay out. Nathan wins.
    Turns out Haneul, Jay, and Joann were all on the same team.
  • Peggy – Wait? Why do I have to eat one?!
    Johnny just nods and pushes the tray closer.

Leave a comment if we’re missing any. And thanks Johnny for planning the games!


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  1. Johnny says:

    Elliott had the best expression.

  2. gloria says:

    Team Fajita will forever be the victors of game night…!

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