Pretty BIG Deal! (updated)

We are humbled and grateful to God for allowing us to go on our first ever annual 2013 InnerCity Missions to DC! According to what Jesus has commanded in Acts 1:8, the disciples were to go first to Judea, Samaria, and then the ends of the earth. We believe that to be the evangelism strategy laid out by Christ, mainly in that we are commanded first to our nearest neighborhoods (Judea), and then a little bit further (Samaria), and then overseas. This, we believe, has been the evangelistic strategy for the church in the past 2000 years. Taking this to our immediate context, our Judea is Fairfax county. We’ve started little by little, but we will do more in 2013 (with the Lord’s help). It is now, with God’s leading, that we are stepping into the second phase – Samaria (DC). This will obviously be a pre-cursor to the ends of the earth. And so it is with great expectation and excitement and humility, that we announce this 2013 InnerCity missions team! Below are the application forms (closed). The team roster will be announced on Feb 10th. Please pray for the team as we begin our training for this endeavor!


Look here for some information regarding TeamEffort (our host organization) and other details regarding the trip here.

Take a look at this video to get an idea of what all of this may look like! Join us.

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