SJ Lee


SJ Lee testimony (with edits)

Before i met God, I was just a kid that did not know what I was doing and basically did every bad thing there is. One day a family friend told me about God while visiting our family. When I first heard the story it was amazing! I wanted to know more about this God. Our family started going to church around that time. The first few churches were not a good fit for our family. In the mean time, I was still a lost sinner, doing whatever I liked. Finally my parents settled on a new church and I thought it would be like other all the other churches: small number of people, no one my age, and me not understanding the bible. But it was the complete opposite! It was awesome. When I got home that day I told my mom that the church was awesome and I wanted to go back. However to be honest, I wanted to go back not because God, but to play with my new friends.

As I continued to attend Risen Sun church I began to grow in faith. I began to notice that I desired to learn more about God. One Sunday service, we learned about not just going to church but being the church. When I heard that phrase I understood what that meant! I knew what the pastor was talking about! After the message, I responded to the invitation to pray. I prayed that I wanted to be the church and not just go to church. I wanted to be a member of God’s church! Thats when I knew I had finally met God. That’s when God became important.

From that day on, I have been growing in my faith and my life started to change. Even my thought process has changed. Before God I would do whatever I wanted. But now God has changed me. Now I think before I act and try to spend more time with God. I am growing in my faith and I trust God to continually work in my life.

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