A little overdue, but presenting the 2013 DC Team!

Hello folks,


So the original plan was to present the DC Team last Sunday, but there were some scheduling logistics problems, so here it is on the church’s website.

Here are the members: Grace Youn, Brandon Lee, Jay Choi, Matt Richards, and Minnie Han.

These are the folks who will be preparing, praying, writing support letters, worrying about training, writing testimonies, and double checking the team calendar. Please pray for us. As we go, you the church that sends, is also a valuable part of the team. Were it not for you, we could not go. And so just as the Antioch church (Acts 13:1-3) sent out Paul, being an important part of his mission, so we see the Risen Sun family as an important and vital part of our team. You send us and yet you go with us in spirit.

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