Cute Syrup Containers and secret prayers

Many people may not be aware, but there has been for about almost half a year now, a small handful of our Youth and English Ministry members who have been meeting every Saturday morning at 7am to pray for our church. In many cases the numbers are very “humbling”. And yet to me, this is very encouraging. Why? My old mentor had a way of always being a humble leader. He had “succeeded” in the eyes of the world and the typical Korean-American perspective on a successful/blessed ministry. However, when various people asked him how many attendees he had the previous Sunday, he would just smile and tell them “we had about xx show up for Saturday morning prayer meeting”. I once asked him why he did this and he answered, “It’s never about the number of kids who show up on Sundays, but the ones who show up to pray. That number gives you a good perspective on what your actual membership is…”

And so I, in line with what my mentor told me years ago, am greatly pleased, humbled, and encouraged to see that still small number of young believers showing up to pray. It may not be popular or even really all that fun. Yet there it is. Every Saturday, in the Choir Room, at 7am… a small number of young people praying for themselves and praying for their church family. And it is these small secret prayers that I believe God is most well pleased. (Matt. 6:6)


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