Brian Kim’s Testimony

brian kimBrian Kim was confirmed on Dec 21, 2014. Here is his testimony:


Ever since I can remember, I grew up in a Catholic church.  I remember hating going every Sunday.  It was all time that I could use to catch up on sleep or play some video games.  God seemed so distant to me and it seemed like He had better things to do than care about me.  On top of this, I grew up in a typical Korean-American household.  It seemed like my self-worth was all based on the grades that I got and that I was always being compared to someone that was better than me.  So with that I grew up thinking I was just average and that this is all that there was to life:  study and get a good job in the future.  Eventually I stopped going to church because it all seemed so pointless.

But then one year my cousin invited me to go on retreat with this church.  I thought that it would just be a fun time.  I remember it was during prayer time and I felt out of place but I still prayed because I wanted to know more about this God that everyone was so crazy about there.  And I was finally able to see that our God wants to know me and loves me no matter what I do and no matter how much I fail.

Since then, I’ve been coming to this church for the past 8 years and even though God has to teach me that same lesson over and over again, I’m blessed to say that I know that God’s grace will never leave me despite of that.  I continue to grow in faith every day and I seek membership today because I can see how God is with this church and I desire to be a bigger part of that.

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