Joseph Lee’s Testimony

Joseph will be confirmed on Dec 28, 2014. Here is his testimony:

Before I came to faith and realized the reality of God I had what was considered a ‘normal life’. I went to school, came home, did my homework, and then on Sunday I went to church and came back, and this cycle kept repeating until I started to go to youth group. Youth group was when I started getting serious about the Bible. That’s the time I really started wondering who’s this almighty God who sent his only son for us. That’s the time when I start really learning about God and really putting his words in my life.

It was a Sunday that I really started to change. It was a sermon that assistant pastor Johnny preached that really got me and it was about trusting in God, and it was after the sermon when I started praying and then I heard a small voice that said, “trust in me”. When I heard this I thought it must be my own thoughts not God’s. Then the next week I prayed for the same prayer just in case and the same words, trust in me, came to my mind again. Then I started to pray more about those peculiar words. It came to my mind that those words were not from my own thoughts but from God’s. Trusting God was the first step.

Then during spring, English Ministry joined the adult congregation for Acts 114 and that’s where I came to faith. It was on Friday when I was praying with other people during a prayer time. I don’t know if this is just me but after being saved you just feel different. I didn’t feel my old-self instead I felt joy, eternal joy. After the prayer time I told my parents the great news and they burst with joy knowing that I am saved. After that Friday I changed a lot of my bad habits but I am still not perfect. That’s why now I am fight my addictions and bad habits and learning more about God and spreading the good news.


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